My name is Pramod Nepal. I am a Computer Engineer (Pulchowk Campus, Kathmandu 2003-2007). I have worked on many technologies and used many software languages in my professional projects like C++, Java (J2SE and J2EE), C#, PHP, SQL, XML, Groovy on Grails, Jasperreports while working on different companies. I prefer to use java and python(familiar) for my personal projects and experiments. I have worked using database technologies like MySQL and Ms-SQL.

I like reading online news regarding technology, sports and movies and listen to pod-casts about them.

My first opensource project is Nyx(Intrusion Detection System) written in Java (reading snort rule files). Due to relying completely on cloud for agile development we lost some of the GUI front-end (which I wish to write some day, though was only used to automate things like downloading snort files(HEAD revision from cvs using regex), view logs, select rule files for detection, which could be done manually).


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Chandima Says:

    I am going to develop an Intrusion Detection System using Snort. But I don’t know how to include the Snort rules to my project. Can you help me?

    • Pramod Nepal Says:

      Hi Chandima, it has been a long time that I did that project. However, the step is pretty simple.

      You capture the network packets using something like jpcap (just like what wireshark returns). Then you go through the snort rule files (take each rules) and try to do a regular expression match with your captured and formatted data.

  2. Chandima Says:

    Hi Pramod Nepal,
    Thank you.

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